The DIET, Sonitpur has been playing a significant role for the academic development of the district specially in elementary education since its inception. Since 1989, the DIET, Sonitpur has been producing so many quality teachers through different short term and long term teacher training programmes. Moreover, this nodal district institute has been fulfilling the need of academic support to the elementary section of the district by developing a number of necessary curricular materials, evaluation tools etc. when required. In addition to these, the faculties of this premier institution have been conducting a lot of educational researches for solving various academic as well as administrative problems. Besides, the DIET, Sonitpur has been providing necessary academic support to various centrally as well as state sponsored educational programmes like DPEP, SSA, RMSA etc. launched in the district for time to time. This institute also render supporting hand to SCERT if and when required. Being the sole teacher education institution for elementary level of the district the DIET, Sonitpur is the key resource unit for the entire Sonitpur district.

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