Resource strength of the DIET, Sonitpur

DIET, Sonitpur is one of the most resourceful institutions among the first phase DIETs established in Assam. In respect of human resource and physical infrastructure, the present strength of the DIET, Sonitpur is quite satisfactory.

The human resources: The institution has following manpower in academic and ministerial staff for smooth running and better functioning

Sl. Name  Designation Department Qualification Subject specialities Date of joining Remarks
1 Sarala Devi Principal M.A., M.Ed. English 01-07-94
2 Samirjyoti Borah Sr. Lecturer E.T. MA in Fine Art Fine Art 04-03-91
3 Tapan Kr. Deka -do- DRU M.A. Lang.(Ass) 20-06-94
4 Mouchumi Chayengia -do- IFIC M.A., B.Ed. Sociology 30-03-91
5 Chandan Kr. Bhuyan -do- P & M M.Sc. (Agril) DEPA Agril. 10-09-98
6 Bhupen Kr. Das -do- W.E. M.Sc., M.A.(Edn), B.Ed. Science
7 Rima Borah -do- PSTE M.A., M.Ed. Edn. 10-09-98
8 Nirmali Borah Lecturer IFIC M.A., M.Ed. Lang. (Ass) 09-08-95
9 Chitralekha Devi -do- ET M.A., B.Ed. Pol. Sc. 05-08-95
10 Mahasweta Borthakur -do- CMDE M.A., B.Ed. Geography 04-08-95
11 Dilip Sarmah -do- DRU M.A., B.Ed. History
12 Raj Kiran Doley -do- DRU MA, PGDJMC,NET(UGC) Mass Comm 15-03-2019
13 Abhimanyu Datta -do- DRU MSW, MA(RD), M.Phil,NET(JRF) Social Work 18-03-2019
14 Monisha Hazarika -do- PSTE M.A., D.El.Ed, NET(UGC) Assamese 06-06-2019
16 Bhaskar Kalita -do- PSTE B.F.A Fine arts 19-05-2017


Sl.No. Name of incumbent Designation Qualification Date of joining
2 Nayanjyoti Goswami Technician B.Sc., PGDCA 10-11-95
3 Dibyajyoti Hazarika Lab. Asstt. P.U. 03-11-93


Sl.No. Name of incumbent Designation Qualification Date of joining
1 Loknath Ghimire Head Asstt. B.A. 19-09-86
3 Mridul Borah Stenographer BA 27-01-92
5 Abharani Bhuyan UDA B.A. 15-06-90
7 Mukut Ch. Bhuyan Statistical Asstt. B.Sc. 28-02-94
8 Tilak Ch. Morang LDA PU 01-03-2003
9 Bubul Das LDA PU 31-10-94
10 Sima Borah LDA BA 31-12-2015
12 Duriram Deka Grade – IV Under Matric 01-09-89
16 Bhaskar Tamuli Laboratory Assistant BSc, MBA 31-12-2015
13 Moon Borah Grade – IV Under Matric 04-11-94
14 Ganesh Sarmah Grade – IV Under Matric
16 Atikur Rahman Grade – IV HSS

Physical infrastructural resources:

DIET, Sonitpur is one of the most significant DIETs of Assam having better physical infrastructural resources. In respect of hostel facilities for teacher trainees and students of PSTE course the DIET Sonitpur has two new hostels building with a seat capacity of 140 trainees and two old BTC hostel with seat capacity of 70 trainees. Unfortunately the physical conditions of all the hostel buildings are in a deplorable condition with lacking of minimum basic facilities for staying the trainees.

In regard to the laboratory facilities of different subjects, there is a well developed ICT Lab with ten computers with internet facility available in the DIET, Sonitpur for facilitating the trainees as well as students of D.El.Ed. Course in the application of ICT in teaching learning processes. In addition to this DIET, Sonitpur a well equipped science laboratory with minimum basic facilities for science teaching. For providing activity based teaching learning in mathematics, the DIET Sonitpur has developed a mathematics laboratory where all the necessary teaching learning materials of elementary level mathematics are available. Besides the DIET, Sonitpur has also developed a psychological laboratory, environmental studies or social science laboratory for conducting various psychological tests and environment related projects. In order to develop language competency among the students and teacher trainees, the DIET, Sonitpur has also developed two language laboratories one for English and other for Assamese language with a number of teaching learning materials used in teaching language to the students.

In respect of library facility, the DIET, Sonitpur has a well-furnished library with a collection of more than 6000 nos. of books in various subjects specially in teaching learning methodology which enrich the faculty members as well as teacher trainees for their academic development. There is also a well spaced separate reading room which is mainly used by the readers of the institute.

There are two big hall type classrooms accommodating about 100 students each in DIET, Sonitpur which are mainly used for transacting classes as well as seminar and workshop. Besides, the DIET, Sonitpur has two …….. sized classroom which are also used for various purposes. In addition to this there is also one room with EDUSAT facility for attending the video conferencing facility by the faculty members as well as teacher trainees.

Moreover, the DIET, Sonitpur has beautiful Principal’s room along with a well accommodate office building for smooth functioning of the institute. The department wise bifurcation of the entire DIET building is a unique of the institute. Along with these, the play ground and secured campus of the institution help the teacher trainee students to stand physically and mentally sound.

Though, DIET, Sonitpur is one of the infrastructural rich DIETs of Assam, still the institution is lagging behind in certain basic facilities. To cope up with modern teaching learning technology we are in need of some modern teaching learning equipment such as digital classroom, well equipped laboratory etc. to deal with students of modern era. But, it is unfortunate that till now we are lacking of such modern facilities. For all round development of student specially cultural and intellectual enrichment there should be a well facilitated auditorium in each DIET but the auditorium of this institute has not been completed till date. The DIET, Sonitpur is also facing a well-connected 24 hours running water facilities within the campus. There is also in need of computer with internet facility in each branch of the DIET. Despite of all these constraints, the DIET Sonitpur has successfully completed 27 years of its journey by producing a number of quality teachers as well as by playing a significant role in the academic development of the district.