Department wise activities of DIET Sonitpur

In a DIET, there are seven different branches or departments with certain specific departmental activities for each department or branch. All the seven departments of the DIET, Sonitpur are working in a cooperative manner for the better educational scenario of the district. Though all the departments are doing work in proper coordination with each other yet some specific works to perform which are being done department wise as follows –

Sl.No. Department Activities
1 Pre-Service Teacher Education (PSTE) ·       Conduct 2-year Pre-Service Diploma in Elementary Education Course with NCTE recommendation curriculum.

·       Provide academic support to In-Service teacher training on face to face and distance mode.

·       Academic support to SSA and RMSA in in-service teacher training programme concerning on teacher methodology conducted by them.

·       Provide necessary inputs programmes/activities of all other branches of the institute.

·       Conduct of Action Research and other educational research on various problem related to academic and administrative matter.

2 In-Service Programmes, Field Interaction and Innovation Coordination (IFIC) ·       Organizing all those short term in-service training programmes for teachers and head masters of elementary school on content and teachings methodology of various school subjects at the DIET.

·       Conducting orientation programme for resource persons who would conduct in-service programme for teacher at block.

·       Conducting in-service education programme for teacher on distance mode through IGNOU, KKHSOU

·       Providing academic support to PSTE department in D.El.Ed. Course.

·       Arranging school support visit by the faculties of the DIET in a regular basis.

·       Providing necessary academic support to various programmes of SSA and RMSA Sonitpur

3 District Resource Unit (DRU) ·       Organizing Induction level Training and refreshment training to various Alternative Education Components of SSA working in the district.

·       Providing academic support to school DIDS education programme in the district.

·       Developing and maintaining a total data-base on various educational aspects of the district in the DIET.

·       Providing academic support to Shakshar Bharat Mission programme conducted by District Adult Education Department.

·       Attending various training programme conducted by SIRD, B.Chariali as resource person if and when necessary.

·       Providing academic support to PSTE (D.El.Ed.) and In-Service teacher training run by the institute.

4 Planning and Management (P & M) ·       Preparing the perspective plan of DIET and working out Annual Work Plan & Budget for the institute.

·       Extending support service for pre-project activities, data collection for preparing SSA perspective plan of Sonitpur district.

·       Rendering helping hand in the preparation of Annual Work Plan & Budget of SSA, Sonitpur.

·       Conducting orientation programme for members of VECs, SMCs, Community Leaders, Educational Planners, and Educational Administrator on various aspects of Educational Planning, Management and Administration.

·       Maintaining an approximate educational data-base for the district which may be required for various planning exercise.

·       Conducting various educational researches on affect of different interventions as well as community’s perceptions of and participation in the process of basic education along with undertaking a lot of action research activities in the lab area of the DIET.

·       Forwarding support to the community mobilization component of SSA in implementation of different programme.

·       Providing technical assistance to educational authorities in school mapping, micro planning, school complex and institutional planning etc.

5 Educational Technology (ET) ·       Organizing training programme for school teachers to develop low cost and no cost teaching learning materials.

·       Preparation of various audio and video materials on Nursery Rhymes for school preparedness.

·       Developing ICT laboratory in the DIET for teacher trainee/students of D.El.Ed. Course.

·       Providing academic support to In-Service, Pre-Service teacher training (D.El.Ed.) programme held at DIET.

·       Developing language text book for multilingual situation in collaboration with SCERT, Assam.

·       Developing the low cost and no cost teaching learning materials in connection with the various subject dealt in elementary level of education.

6 Work Education (WE) ·       Providing academic support to In-service and PSTE (D.El.Ed.) programme run by DIET.

·       Conducting school beautification programme in the ten nearby schools of the institute.

·       Participating in National Swasha Bharat Abhijan programme in the DIET.

·       Arranging TLM mela among the nearby school from time to time.

·       Conducting workshop on preparation of lesson based teaching learning materials among the elementary level teachers in the DIET as well as in different educational blocks.

·       Arranging community service programmes by the student teacher trainee from time to time.

7 Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE) ·       Providing academic support to in-service and PSTE (D.El.Ed.) course.

·       Developing the evaluation tools for class – v mathematics text book.

·       Arranging in-service training programme for elementary teachers on continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE).

·       Conducting schools on text book analysis.

DIET AS A STUDY CENTRE: DIET, Sonitpur has been working as a study centre of open distance learning under Indira Gandhi National Open University (LGNOU) and Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) from 2003 through which a considerable nos. of untrained in-service teachers of lower primary and upper primary schools of the district have got certificate and in primary education as well as Diploma in Elementary Education. From 2003 to 2010, the DIET, Sonitpur had been serving as a study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) under one Sr. Lecturer of the DIET as Co-ordinator along with three counsellors for DIET faculties which had been duly appointed by the IGNOU authority to perform the certificate course in primary education in distant mode. During this period (from 2003 to 2010) ……………… nos. of primary and upper primary teachers of the district had got the certificate in primary education from IGNOU through this study centre of DIET, Sonitpur. Similarly from 2013 to till date the DIET, Sonitpur has been working as a study centre of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University for conducting Diploma Course in elementary education for in-service elementary teachers of the district in a distant mode. During this period, 193 nos. of TET qualified in-service elementary teachers have successfully completed the Diploma in Elementary Education and 61 nos. have appeared the final examination (result) yet to be declared and other 210 in-service teachers have been studying in D.El.Ed. Course in this study centre of KKHSOU. One Sr. Lecturer and 5-6 nos. of DIET faculties are in charge of this study centre as co-ordinator and counsellor respectively.

PRE-SERVICE TEACHER EDUCATION: As per the recommendation and affiliation of NCTE, from the DIET, Sonitpur has been conducting a Two Year Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme on a face to face transaction mode with NCTE recognized curriculum which provides a Diploma in Elementary Education. From ………. to till date ……….. nos. of students have been offered Diploma in Elementary Education by this DIET, Sonitpur after successful completion of this two year Diploma Course. There are …. nos. of students, who are now studying in D.El.Ed. course in this institute in different semester against the institute intake capacity of 100 students per year.

IN-SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING: The DIET, Sonitpur has been conducting a number of short term in service teacher training for both lower and upper elementary teachers of the district on various subjects according to the need of the teacher from time to time. As per the approved Annual Work Plan and Budget, the DIET has been conducting this short term in-service training programme both at the institute as well as in each of the elementary education block where teachers from lower primary and upper primary schools participate according to their needs. In these training programmes, our faculties along with some resource teachers of the district have been participating as resource persons.

SCHOOL SUPPORT VISIT: Our faculties have been visiting the various elementary schools of the district for time to time in order to provide academic support to the teacher in situ faculty in each month staying 4 – 5 hrs. in each school in each visit.

EXTENSION SERVICE PERFORMED BY DIET FACULTIES: In addition to the normal duties, the faculties of the DIET have been performing a number of various extension services relating to the academic enrichment of the district. Some of these extension works done by our faculties are mentioned below

1.TEXT BOOK PREPARATION:As the need and demand of the society change for time to time, there is a prime need of modification of textbook. Recently, in order to incorporate child centric and activity based approach in the teaching learning process, the traditional text books of elementary level have been gradually changing as per the recommendation of National Curriculum Framework. Our faculty members with various subject specialization have been devoting full cooperation in the mechanism of new text book preparation for time to time.

B. ORGANIZATION OF AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: The success of education and its various interventions mostly depends upon the development of surrounding social and economical environment of the society. In order to make the people aware about the various issues related to educational development, the DIET, Sonitpur have been conducting awareness campaign in different socially, economically and educationally backward areas of the district. Some of these awareness programmes conducted by DIET, Sonitpur during last five years are stated below:-
a. Awareness campaign among the people of the garden community against the social evil like witch hunting.
b. Organizing awareness campaign on women empowerment programmes among the women of char and other socially and educationally backward areas of the district.
c. Organizing awareness programme on various aspects of Right to Education Act, 2009 among the people of educationally backward areas like tribal and minority areas.
d. Environmental awareness campaign among the people of the district for protection and conservation of natural flora and fauna.
e. Attending question paper development workshop organized by various teachers Association. Besides, conducting the question paper development workshop among the teachers of elementary level, the faculties of the DIET have been attending question paper development workshop organized by various teachers’ association for primary to secondary level. In regard to this, DIET Sonitpur has developed a evaluation tool for mathematics of class – v through a workshop.
f. Preparation of Training Module: The success of a training programme largely depends upon the preparation of an effective training module. The faculties of the DIET, Sonitpur have been rendering helping hand to the SCERT, SSA and district educational authority in the preparation of modules of various teachers training programme on a regular basis. Besides, with the help of various resourceful teachers of the District, the DIET has been developing the training module for their teacher training programme.
g. Analysis of new approach to existing text books : DIET, Sonitpur has been conducting various workshop among the faculty members as well as the teacher representatives for analysis of new approach incorporated in the existing text book on the basis of field experiences and feedback report gathered by the faculties during school support visit. In this way the institute put forward valuable suggestion to the state machinery in respect of the acceptability of text book based in the feedback received from field interaction.
h. Support to RBC and KGBV : In order to mainstream they Heard to Reach dropout out of school children the formal education system, SSA and elementary education department establish a number of Residential Bridge Course Centres and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya in certain education block of the district. Out faculties have been providing necessary academic support to these educational institution on a regular basis.
i. School AIDS Education: Our DIET has been conducting a series of workshop and training programmes as well as awareness campaign on various issues related to AIDS its control and protection under the banner of school education programme among the secondary school teachers along with the students of class – ix and x form time to time.
j. Publication of Wall Magazine, Annual Magazine, Newsletter etc.: In order to enrich the students literally, DIET, Sonitpur has been publishing a nos. of Wall Magazine, Annual Magazine (both hand written and printed), Newsletters on a regular basis in which the students as well as teacher trainees have been exercising their creativities and inner talents in literal aspects. In addition to these, an annual magazine has been published by KKHSOU Study Centre where KKHSOU students/trainees took part with a lot of creative writings.
k. Role in Free Text Book Distribution: The DIET faculty attached to a particular education block is the member of the block level free text book distribution committee. So, the attached faculty member of the concerned elementary education block has to be attended on the formal free text book distribution day in order to supervise and monitor the entire programme. Moreover, the Principal of this institute is one of the members of District Fee Text Book Distribution Committee.
l. Holding Seminar at DIET: A district level seminar on Professional development was organized by DIET where two Sr. Lecturers of this DIET and District Programme Officer (TT), SSA, Sonitpur presented seminar papers on three important topics. Besides, the DIET, Sonitpur has been holding seminars among the faculties and D.El.Ed. Students on regular basis were the faculty members and students presented some valuable seminar papers.
m. Role of DIET on SSA Mission: The DIET, Sonitpur has been playing a major role in various activities of SSA mission Sonitpur. Different teacher training programme on various subjects conducted by SSA, Sonitpur have been prepared by DIET, Sonitpur. As per the guidelines of SSA, one DIET faculty is attached to each elementary education block as academic in-charge. The DIET faculty attached to each block is the chairperson of Block Academic Core Group which is primarily responsible for academic development of the education block. The meeting of BACG is held once in a month in which various academic problems of the block are discussed in order to find out the needful solution. At the district level, there is District Academic Core Group, where various academic problems of the district are discussed to find out the needful solutions. In this district level academic core group, the Principal of the DIET is the chairperson and all the DIET faculties attached to each of the elementary education blocks are the members. In addition to these, the DIET faculties have been rendering their full cooperation and academic support to other components of SSA like community mobilization, IED, special training centres, teacher training etc. DIET faculties also have been playing important roles in planning and support visit through DACG/BACG when required.
Voluntary Service to Private Schools: As per the request of the nearby private schools, the subject expert faculty members provide training and academic support to the concerned schools in different subjects.

As a premier teacher education institution of the district the faculty members of the DIET, Sonitpur are always trying to investigate the various academic and administrative problems faced by the teachers as well as school authority through different field researches, action researches and case studies. For this purpose, the faculties of this DIET have conducted a lot of field researches action researches and case studies last 10 years. Some of the research studies conducted by our faculty members during the last 1o years are as follows:
1. Role of Headmaster in School Management of Govt. primary school under Sonitpur district with special reference to Dhekiajuli block, Assam (2001) conducted by Sri Basanta Deka, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali.
2. “A study on the implementations of MDM programme at Govt. provincialized primary school in Sonitpur district” 2008 – Conducted by Sri Basanta Deka, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali.
3. “A study on the problem of irregular attendance of learners in Govt./Provincialized primary school under Sonitpur District, Assam.” Conducted by Sri Basanta Deka, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali.
4. “A study on causes of low enrolment and high dropout of Bodo Tribal children at the primary level of education in Naduar education block of Sonitpur district, Assam”2006 – Conducted by Sri Chandan Kr. Bhuyan, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali.
5. “A Critical analysis of various factors responsible for low enrolment and high dropout of Tea Tribe children at the primary level of education in Behali Elementary Education Block of Sonitpur District, Assam”, 2014 – Conducted by Sri Chandan Kr. Bhuyan, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali.
6. “A critical study of the status of Right to Education Act, 2009”in the Tea Garden managed schools of Sonitpur district of Assam” 2015 – Conducted by Sri Chandan Kr. Bhuyan, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali. (This study has been conducted in collaboration with SSA, Sonitpur as per the instruction of SSA, Assam)
7. “A study on universalization of elementary education with special reference to enrolment and retention at Biswanath Chariali block under Sonitpur district, Assam”(1997) – Conducted by Sri Jibesh Sarmah, Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Assam.
8. “A case study on achievement level of differently abled children (CWSN) in LP school under Gabharu Elementary Education Block of Sonitpur district”(2014) – conducted by Sri Jibesh Sarmah, Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur, Assam.

ACTION RESEARCHES: A lot of action researches have been conducted by our DIET faculties during the last couple of years. Besides, under the guidance of our faculties a lot of action researches have been conducted by the teachers of elementary levels in their respective school.
Involvement in learner’s achievement study conducted by NCERT/SCERT/ASER etc.
In addition to their normal duties, some of our faculty members also took part in National and State level learner’s achievement survey at the end of class – III, IV and VIII conducted as per the guidance of NCERT and SCERT respectively from time to time. Besides, our faculties also played a major role in the achievement survey conducted by SSA, Assam with full cooperation. Pratham, a Non Govt. Organization also conducted a National level educational study in our district in the year 2014 and 2016 in order to prepare Annual Status Education Report. In this particular study as per the instruction of Director, SCERT, Assam one of our faculties took active part as District Coordinator.

The faculties of DIET, Sonitpur have been involving themselves in various types of innovation in the field of elementary education. Some of the major innovative activities performed by our DIET faculties are mentioned below:
To enhance the achievement of tea tribe student, a bridge course material on language has been developed and tested in the field in collaboration with SSA, Assam by Sri Satya Ranjan Kundu, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur.
“INJHAR”, a bridge material written in “Sadri Language” for language text book of Class I and II which was developed by SSA, Sonitpur under the coordination of our Sr. DIET faculty Sri Satya Ranjan Kundu under his guidance, this bridge material was tested on sampled basis in some of the tea garden area lower primary schools.
Development of audio cassette on Nursery Rhymes for school preparedness by Sri Satya Ranjan Kundu, Sr. Lecturer, DIET, Sonitpur
Ganit Sikshar Guri Katha – I by Sri Bipul Khound, Lecturer
Ganit Sikshar Guri Katha – II by Sri Bipul Khound, Lecturer
Story Book No – 5 by Mrs. Rupali Hazarika, Lecturer (Retired)
Mother Teresa by Mrs. Rupali Hazarika, Lecturer (Retired)
Before introducing the Pre-Service Teacher Education (D.El.Ed.) Course, the DIET, Sonitpur conducted Junior Basic Training programme for lower primary teachers since 1992 onwards. This in-service teacher training programme continued till 2004 – 05. The results of these courses are as follows:
Sl.No. Session/Year Nos. of trainees Successfully completed Percentage
1 1992 61 50 83.3%
2 1993 56 55 98.2%
3 1994-95 86 64 74.4%
4 1995-96 72 50 69.4%
5 1996-97 86 55 63.9%
6 1998 32 26 81.2%
7 2000 38 38 100%
8 2000-01 23 22 95.6%
9 2001 93 73 78.5%
10 2002 179 179 100%
11 2003 36 36 100%
12 2003-04 09 09 100%
13 2004 94 96 98.9%
14 2004-05 84 66 78.5%

The best result of the Junior Basic Training Course from this institute

Sl. No. Year Rank Name of trainee
1 1992 10th Jayanti Guha Roy
2 1993 6th Beauty Baruah
3 1993 8th Rina Sarmah
4 1996 5th Sulekha Rani Dey
5 1996 8th Radhika Upadhyaya
6 1997 1st Tribeni Sarmah
7 1997 5th Madina Khatun
8 1997 7th Nagen Sarmah
9 1999 1st Beauty Buragohian
10 2000 8th Pomi Borthakur

Pre-Service Teacher Education
(2 –Year Diploma in Elementary Education Course)

Sl. No. Year Total Nos. of Students Successfully Completed Percentage
1 2012-14 10 10 100%
2 2014-16
3 2015-17

2-Yr. D.El.Ed. Course under KKHSOU a Distant Mode

Sl.No. Session Total Nos. of trainees Successfully completed Percentage
1 2013-14 193 193 100%
2 2014-15 61 Result yet to declared
3 2015-16 100
4 2016-17 110