Home page changes as shown in below image

home page changes given below as points 1 to 3

Point1 : Original search box should be replaced with area to show user’s current location with a nice button written as update when clicking this button will open the default map of the app as shown in below image

this is map which will open when clicking update button in point 1 so that user can change his location in point 1 map is already there in app

Point 2 : in Point 2 it will show as nearby stores as shown in first image and right to this All

Point 3: As shown in first image above, store distance calculated between store latitude and longitude from backend store settings and user’s current location will be shown accurately, max 12 stores will be shown in three column upside down so 4 rows will be there , clicking all will display a ll store at with location logic with a search box above to search store, stores can be clickable

Store list page clicking from home page category

when clicking from home page category below shown lists of stores will be shown , as every store will be category set in background , so using that logic the store list page will show as given in below image.

There will be a ajax search box to search stores and distance below each store

Store list page

Store page / details of store page

The store page either coming from the category list/ or direct from the home page will be as like below image. Also a search button for sorting

store page, it will show all sub categories in that store , to be scroll up down in three column

Product page is same as existing page in app

Delivery fee Calculation logic

in backend .. while adding there will be a field , weight, as shown in below image, no matter what the product is it will have a weight to be entered even in product variation weight have to be entered , i have just shown you the field in view , it will nt insert any data to table , u have to do it

product weight to be added .

setting of delivery fee in backend

As shown in below image there is a setting in store backend which is delivery charge per Km, and delivery charge per additional 10 kg

delivery charge settings image

Logic of delivery charge : Now during in cart page of app at bottom there will be a delivery charge , so this charge should show — PerKm charge + if weight of all cart item exceed above 10kg then additional weight charge, e.g- suppose a persons delivery distance from store is 2 km then this charge will be 2 X rs 10 Per Km( as set in backend) = 20 , there is also another settings weight charge per additional 10kg, if total weight of all cart products is below 10kg there will nt be additional charge , if its above 10kg then 10kg charge will be levied as set in backend , so per 10kg his delivery charge will increase excess of initial 10kg, this weight charge will add to his delivery charge