Function of DIET

So far as the functions of a DIET are concerned, the POA quoted the different functions of a DIET which can be stated as follows – 1. Training and Orientation of the following target groups Elementary school teachers (both pre-service and in-service education) Head Master, Heads of school complexes and officers of the Educational department … Read more

Structural set-up of DIET

For smooth functioning of DIET, it should have the staff strength in the following areas Foundation of Education and Pedagogy Various subjects taught in the elementary stage of education such as language, mathematics, environmental studies (Social Science and Science) work experience, Art Education, Health and Physical Education etc. Curriculum, Material Development and Evaluation Non-Formal education … Read more

Organizational Structure of DIET

So far as the organizational structure of DIET is concerned, a full-fledged DIET should have the following seven different branches in order to deal with the above-mentioned subjects. These seven specially mentioned branches consist of different faculty members like Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, and Teacher Educators of concerning specialization. Following are the seven different academic branches … Read more